Endodontics in Winston-Salem, NC

Endodontics in Winston-Salem, NC

Endodontics refers to a dental specialty dealing with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of your dental pulp and tissues surrounding the roots of your teeth. The treatment depends upon your dental problem and its severity. A severe toothache may affect your everyday routine. In this situation, we may perform a tissue repair inside your teeth in many ways, like removing the infection and saving the pulp using root canal therapy. 

Endodontic treatments also include treating tooth decay, abscess, and injuries to your teeth. 

Why Opt for Endodontic Treatment? 

Endodontic treatments aim to disinfect your infected and inflamed root canal, thus providing relief from pain and bleeding. 

It removes the pathological pulp and saves your remaining teeth from infection. 

Endodontic treatment cleans your root canal system and reshapes it. 

The procedure also includes filling the root canal system to avoid the chances of re-infection and promote healing. 

What is the Root Canal? 

Your tooth pulp may get infected because of many reasons – poor dental hygiene, dietary habits, etc. If it is not addressed at the right time, it may cause tooth decay. Moreover, the infection spreads to the remaining teeth, thus leading to other complications. We perform root canal therapy to remove the infected tissue and restore your teeth. 

The procedure begins with taking an X-ray of your teeth. We will administer local anesthesia to avoid pain or discomfort while we treat your problem. We will place a dental dam over your teeth to isolate the affected area and protect your mouth. After accessing the pulp tissue from the top and behind your affected teeth, we will remove the damaged or infected tooth pulp. We will clean and disinfect the area inside your teeth and fill it with a dental filling. In some cases, we may also use a dental crown to provide you with a perfect dental restoration. 

What to Expect After the Procedure? 

How you may feel after the endodontic treatment depends upon the specific problem and its severity. Most of these treatments are outpatient procedures, and you may go back after the surgery. 

When it comes to root canal therapy, you may feel a little pain and discomfort after the procedure. Your mouth may feel sore for a few days. We will prescribe you painkillers and other antibiotics to deal with the pain and swelling caused after the treatment. Applying an icepack on the site of the procedure may control swelling. It is essential to follow up with us after the surgery


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