Multiple Teeth Implants
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People who have lost more than one tooth spend a lot of time hiding their smiles. They may not laugh in public. They might not feel comfortable singing, eating in public, or even talking. When you lose multiple teeth, the concern for your mouth is much higher than a cosmetic one. When you have suffered a larger tooth loss, you need to think about getting something done to restore your smile and save your jaw. You may not know this, but losing several teeth means that you are at a greater risk for losing all of your teeth. There is a solution, however. You can get tooth implants. Multiple tooth implants can save your remaining teeth, and also make your smile whole again. Keep reading and let Eric J. Sadler, DDS & Associates tell you about multiple tooth implants.

Why Should I Get Implants?

People can lose multiple teeth at one time due to an accident or an injury. A blow to the face can knock teeth out, and normally, we can put them back in. People also can lose more than one tooth gradually, due to tooth decay or gum disease. When teeth get infected by the bacteria that causes tooth decay, if the cavities aren’t filled, the tooth will continue to get more infected- and cause you a lot of pain- until it eventually falls out. Also, because gum disease is an infection in your gums, it can eat away at your gum tissues, causing them to fall out as well. No one wants to see that happen.

Implants are prosthetic teeth that screw into your jawbone. They look and act like real teeth. This is important, because when you lose a tooth, your body begins to remove slivers of bone and tissue from the area where you lost a tooth, or multiple teeth. Over time, this could lead to more tooth loss. Implants stop that process from happening.

How Does A Multiple Tooth Implant Procedure Work?

First, we will look at the area where you are missing teeth. Multiple tooth implants happen in one of two ways. You may have a single tooth missing in several areas of your mouth. If that’s the case, we will do several single tooth implants into your jaw. If you have several teeth missing in one area, we will do a multiple tooth implant.

To do a multiple tooth implant, we first need to look at the area, to make sure you are a good candidate for surgery. Not everyone with a multiple tooth loss makes a good candidate for implant procedures. We will first deaden the area where we will do the procedure. Then, we will make an incision into your gumline. Depending on how many teeth we are replacing, we will insert two to four screws into your jawline. Typically, we will then let the area heal for a few weeks, and then we will place a prosthetic bridge in the area where you lost your teeth.

After that, you will have a fully functioning set of teeth again. You’ll be able to eat, laugh, talk, smile, sing, and do everything you wanted to do, but didn’t feel comfortable doing because you were missing teeth. Best of all, your jaw remains intact, and there’s no danger of losing bone mass, because your jaw thinks all of your teeth are there- and they are.
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