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When we think of lasers, we think about those ‘80s science movies, like Star Wars, or Real Genius. Lasers in the movies were really cool. Back in the 1980s, the only time you saw lasers was when you saw them in the movies. However, 40 years later, lasers are a reality in all of our lives. Lasers are really important to our dental practice. We use lasers for lots of different things to make your teeth better. We can use the to work on your mouth with less pain and bleeding than traditional methods. We love lasers, and we’re going to tell you why, if you give Eric J. Sadler, DDS & Associates a minute of your time.

What Are Lasers, Exactly?

Lasers are amplified light. The light that you see all the time is actually scattered- or diffused- light. If you’re not sure what diffused light is, think about a rainbow, where the spectrum is spread out. Instead of diffusing the light, lasers work to concentrate the light, which makes it a powerful tool. Lasers only began to be used in medicine about 20 years ago. Lasers have become the go-to tool for dentistry, and we think they may eventually replace all of the tools we normally use every day. For medical use, lasers are amazing, because when we lose lasers, we don’t need to use stitches. Lasers cauterize wounds, which makes you have less pain, and it makes dental surgery cheaper and cleaner for you, because it lowers the risk of infection.

Lasers in Dentistry

There are lots of reasons we use lasers in dental practice. They are amazing to use on soft tissues, as well as teeth. If you have a cavity, we can use a laser like a drill to fix your cavity. Lasers, because they are concentrated, we can quickly go to work on a cavity. Lasers kill bacteria, so they are great to use on cavities, and they reduce the chances of infection.

We also use lasers to treat you if you have been infected with gum disease. Lasers get rid of bacteria quickly, even if the bacteria are below the gumline. We can use lasers to clean your gums, and you will have less pain and less bleeding than if we use our traditional tools. We use lasers to treat people with sensitive gums as well. If we treat your gums, you will be able to eat and drink hot and cold things without feeling any pain. If you have too much gum tissue, we can use our laser to reduce your gum tissue with very little pain and almost no bleeding. Lasers can even be used to quickly whiten your teeth if you have a photo emergency- and who hasn’t had at least one of those? We use lasers so often; we might as well call ourselves Jedi.

If you are curious about the way we use lasers in our practice, why not give
Eric J. Sadler, DDS & Associates a call at (336) 331-5271. Let us talk to you about why we think lasers are fantastic, and how we can use them to make your dental health better.


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