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One of the best things we have gotten in our practice is digital radiography. Digital radiography allows us to take some amazing pictures of all of the great structures in your mouth- gums, jaw, teeth and other structures. Best of all, we can share your pictures on all of the screens in our practice, because these clear pictures are instantly available. Let Eric J. Sadler, DDS & Associates give you some information about digital radiography.

Why Digital Radiography?

X-rays have been used by dental practices for years. We are big fans of x-rays, because it is a great way for us to look at your teeth, gums and jawline. X-rays show us areas in your mouth that it is difficult to see with our eyes. However, the old method of taking x-rays is dated and not as useful as modern technology. People know that traditional x-rays have radiation, and they don’t want to accumulate a lot of radiation in their bodies. Traditional x-rays aren’t developed quickly. In fact, there are times we weren’t able to develop your x-rays before you left our office, and then we’d have to call you back to fix your problem. Many adults don’t have time for multiple appointments, because they want to take care of all of their tooth problems in one visit. Old x-rays are often blurry and hard to read, which makes it difficult to spot problems.

The Innovation of Digital Radiography

We think that digital radiography is a great asset to our everyday practice. Digital radiography uses a lot less radiation when compared to traditional x-rays. We can instantly see digital x-rays immediately, seconds after they are taken, which means that if you have a problem such as a cavity, we can fix it right away, before you leave the office. What a great time saver. The pictures we take in digital radiography are clear enough that we can see the soft tissues in your mouth.

How Does It Work?

We can take digital x-rays in two different ways. We can take intraoral x-rays. Intraoral x-rays mean that you must bite down briefly on a piece of plastic, but instead of biting down four times, you only have to bite down twice. We can take a complete set of x-rays of your mouth in two takes. We can also take x-rays called peripheral x-rays. This type of radiography is really important if you are having problems with your jaws, or one area of your mouth. The pictures show your teeth from the root to the crown. If we need to take a single complete picture on the outside of your mouth from one side to the other, we can also take peripheral x-rays. These x-rays are great for finding gum disease and abscesses. With digital radiography, we can really see all of the areas of your mouth.

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